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A cute lava lamp with live turtles inside, the turtles may perish... but the lamp provides the best green ambient light for your room, perfect for studying!

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Here are some reviews

Creeps out my family but I love it!

-John Stringer

I love how you can open up the lava lamp and put in more creatures... I put my pet fish in there!

-Chad Stillwell

I love seeing the turtles squirm, its so cute!

-Emily Lockhart

This is sick! All of you are sick! How could you do such a thing to those poor creatures!!

-Daniel Lopez

My cat always loves hopping on my desk, and now she has tiny friends to look at!

-Rachel Pond

I can't hear the turtles scream in anguish, but I love watching them melt!

-Zach Wells

The Best Lighting for all your needs

Plug it in, let it warm up, and it's ready to go!


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